LFB–Week 3 Recap: Three familiar faces on top after Division play

The first round of division play is complete, and three playoff mainstays grace the tops of their respective divisions, including 2012 champ Donnie Barqs, who got a bit of a Sunday challenge from team Kelly has WOOD, but hold on for the 6-4-0 win and sit atop the Gammons Division by 2 games.  Is Robbie Ross really that good?  He’s no Colby Lewis, but then again, who is? Other highlights:

  • Close, but no Mooding: On top of the difficult Caray division is Team Vidlund, who at one point on Saturday was up 10-0-0, but end the week with a comfortable 9-1-0 shellacking of Diamond Sharp.  Sounds like it’s time for some young fresh bats for DS.
  • Transaction Machine: Sitting atop the overall standings is Sweet Chin Music.  There’s 3 things you can count on in life: Death, Taxes, and SCM maxing out their 7 transactions by Friday.  It seems to work, and after completing another couple of trades, they cruise to the 8-1-1 victory.  
  • HOLY no more?: First week darling Emilio Bonafacio is Bona-fading, and so did HOLY COW this week as Team CCI rustles up a 7-3-0 win.  Well, at least Jose Reyes is back.




Sweet Chin Musis v. Team Vidlund

Has to be, right?  #1 v. #2 in the standings; might see SCM maxed out on Thursday this week.

The league can be found here.


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