LFB–Week 4 Recap: Charlie Blackmon helps team Kelly has WOOD crush Diamond Sharp

How good is Charlie Blackmon?  Right now he’s excellent!  This past week his line was impressive: 0.389/9 R’s/3 HR’s/6 RBI’s/2 SB.  He is #1 on the Player Rater, and went undrafted.  Every year there is someone like this, and team Kelly has WOOD might want to consider a name change if Charlie keeps it up (Charlie bit my finger, Back in Blackmon?).  Back to 0.500 for tKhW with easy win over Diamond Blunt.  Other highlights:

  • Perfect pitching: PIS rebounds after a rough week to sweep the pitching categories and claim the 6-4-0 win over Autodraft.  This from a team who didn’t draft a pitcher until Round 14.  Just saying…
  • Puigs aren’t flying:  Perhaps ownership of When Puigs Fly better start pumping Pink Floyd thru the lockerroom sound system as they get smoked by Barqs, 2-7-1.  At least Bryce Harper gets some time off to get his head straight.  
  • New #1: The battle of the leagues top two teams is no real battle at all, as Team Vidlund cruise to the 7-2-1 win over SCM.  Ian Kennedy and Jason Vargas?  Really?  Sell high…




Team CCI v. When Puig’s Fly

I’ll ignore the #1 v #2 matchup and go with this dogfight for GOTW.  Will the real Puig please stand up?

The league can be found here.


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