LFB–Week 6 Recap: Division leaders strengthen their leads

A quick update this week as I am still catching up from my scouting trip down in Mexico, and based on my performance against Bogaert Pinedas TAR, the rest of the league should be flying me down to Cancun on a regular basis.  Charlie Blackmon is in my nightmares.  Other highlights:

  • Harwell: Re-Encarnacion puts on the most impressive win of the week, 8-1-1 over PIS, opening up a 5.5 game division lead.  
  • Carey:  A close 6-4-0 win for Team Vidlund over CCI as they expand their division lead to 4 games.
  • Gammons: Leading all teams, Donnie Barqs claims the 7-3-0 victory of Captain Autodraft, and holds a whopping 9.5 game division lead.




I Trust Autodraft v. Bogaert Pinedas TAR

I feel like this could be an exciting matchup; Trout against Blackmon!

The league can be found here.


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