LFB–Week 7 Recap: PUIG on the rise

I think it’s safe to say, injuries are a real bummer.  The key to winning one of these fantasy titles is to be lucky enough to stay relatively injury free.  So, as a few teams are starting to look like M.A.S.H. units, a couple teams, at least for now, are coasting and staying relatively healthy.  One team to keep an eye on is When Puig’s Fly, who post the 7-1-2 swamping of PIS.  The player Puig is en fuego!  Headcase or not, he’s the real deal!  Other highlights:

  • Bogaert a win: Bogaert Pinedas TAR is also making some noise, now above 0.500 after posting a 7-3-0 victory over Autodraft.   I believe that’s 4 straight weeks that Autodraft is leaving the catcher slot ‘open to interpretation’.  
  • Super-kicked:  Sweet Chin Music makes a strong weekend push and takes down now former #1 Donnie Barqs.  Somebody must have tuned up the band Saturday morning.
  • Top o’ the table: Now leading all teams, Team Vidlund easily handles Re-Encarnacion, 6-3-1. Guess that Miguel Cabrera trade is paying off; Tiger-print Zubaz for everyone.




Donnie Barqs v. HOLY COW

The 2 senior members of the league square off in what’s sure to be a humdinger!

The league can be found here.


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