LFN Results–Charlotte: JJ finally cracks Victory Lane

NASCAR’s longest race ends like many many races in the past, with the #48 in victory lane.  First time this year, and it gives HSG Racing their first skin as well as the win over Team TRiM, keeping HSG atop the Earnhardt Division. 

  • HSG Racing def. TRiM, 89.50-66.50
  • T-Bone def. Fender Benders, 83.25-58.00
  • Yooper Drive def. JR Nation, 69.00-64.00
  • Busch Whackers def. Barqs Motorsports, 88.75-73.75
  • Buzz def. Shake and Bake, 93.00-83.00

Skin: Jimmy Johnson (HSG Racing), $5

No change at the top of the standings as T-Bone rolls to the easy victory, and Yooper Drive keeps pace in this weeks Power Rankings:

Power Rankings:

  1. T-Bone, 8-3-1, 893.00 pts
  2. HSG Racing, 7-5-0, 904.75 pts
  3. Yooper Drive, 8-4-0, 912.00 pts
  4. Barqs Motorsports, 6-5-1, 981.75 pts
  5. Busch Whackers, 6-6-0, 865.00 pts
  6. Fender Benders, 6-6-0, 808.50 pts
  7. JR Nation, 5-7-0, 856.50 pts
  8. Buzz, 5-7-0, 849.75 pts
  9. TRiM, 5-7-0, 793.25 pts
  10. Shake and Bake, 3-9-0, 853.50 pts

Full results/standings are here.

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