LFB Update–Week 9: Several teams flashing their Powerstroke

That ain’t In Da Club

“If I see another red DTD in my roster, I may be forced to take drastic action”, said almost everyone.  Ugly.  Although there are some players on quite a roll, one of those being one EE, currently playing for Re-E.  5 HR’s/9 R’s/10 RBI’s/0.417 AVG is a pretty scary week, and not to mention Nelson Cruz with 4 bombs as well, and Re-E cruises to the 7-2-1 victory over I Trust No-one these days.  Other highlights:

  • Not Joshing around: Whoa Josh Donaldson!  Your line for the week: 4 HR’s/7 R’s/12 RBI’s/0.393 AVG is also very scary and add in 4 HR’s from Braun/Stanton and PIS pisses all over Diamond Sharp, 6-4-0.  
  • Adam Lind sighting:  Quietly moving along with all the hot-hitting Blue Jays is one A. Lind, who torches up a 0.476 AVG this week, and help When Puig’s Fly hang in with a 4-4-2 tie against SCM.  WPF takes the AVG category by 0.00002…whoa!
  • Boot Scooter Boogie: Rocketing up the standings is BP TAR, whose MVP for the week is Scooter Gennett.  Uh…impressive!




Bogaert Pinedas TAR v. Donnie Barqs

The division lead could possible change hands this week…lookout!

The league can be found here.


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