LFB–Week 10 Recap: Re-Encarnacion is lapping the field


The class of the league at the halfway point?  Easy.  Double E.  With a killer lineup including McCutchen, Nelson Cruz, Rizzo, and Encarnacion, plus Chris Sale, Jordan Zimmermann, Kimbrel, Cishek, Perkins, Papelbon…the list goes on for Re-Encarnacion.  RE destroys SCM 8-2-0 and sits pretty atop the standings at the midway point of the season.  Stay healthy, my friends.  Other highlights:

  • Rout #2: Team CCI wakes up from a slumber and clubs 14 HR’s en route to the 8-2-0 drubbing of HOLY COW.  Tulo with 3 bombs this week and a nice week from stud Greg Holland.  
  • Rout #3:  Fresh off a scouting visit to Seattle, Diamond Sharp gets a good week out of his pitchers, sweeping all 5 categories and punking division leader Team Vidlund, 7-3-0.  15K’s from the King on Sunday helps!
  • Rout #4: It was 9-0-1 going into Sunday night, but When Puig’s fly have to settle for the 7-1-2 ass-kick of I Trust No-one-at-this-point.  Too bad Puig is in RE division and is 13.5 games back.  Lots of time to go!




Team Vidlund v. Sweet Chin Music

I like this matchup; both teams coming off big losses, should be close!

The league can be found here.

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