LFB – Week 13 Recap: PIS Gets Mooded

Still getting caught up from my European work trip, and while struggling to get over my jet lag (which apparently has affected my team as well), I notice another team that struggled this week..PIS.  Donnie Barqs pulls off the rare 10-0-0 sweep over PIS, who could have avoided it with an SB from Carlos Beltran Sunday night, but it was not to be. Other highlights:

  • Tie #1: More ties this week as three matches go 5-5-0, including the powerhouse matchup of Bogaert and TV.  TV strengthens their division lead.
  • Tie #2:  I Trust Autobots is tuning things up nicely the last few weeks, holding on for the 5-5-0 tie with Diamond Sharp. DS creeping back in the playoff hunt after that horrific start.
  • Tie #3: Another 5-5-0 tie for RE and CCI.  RE is ‘clinging’ to a 12/5 game lead in the division..




Diamond Sharp v. Sweet Chin Music

This old rivalry heats up; can SCM beat the traveling curse?

The league can be found here.


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