LFB–Week 15 Recap: Trade Deadline is upon us

The worst two days of the year are upon us, no major sports today or Wednesday!  The All Star Game is tomorrow, supposedly showcasing the best players in the league.  Who are the best players in our league?  Hard to say, as this weeks matchups were all pretty close, no one getting more than 6 points.  Reminder, the trade deadline is Friday, July 18th, 12 pm EST. Other highlights:

  • Sharp Trend: Continuing their playoff push, Diamond Sharp laid the lumber to Barqs this week, collecting the 6-4-0 win.  King Felix gets the ball for the AL tomorrow night.
  • Not Tar-ibble again:  The Gammons division is even closer, now only 2 games separating Barqs from Bogaert Pinedas Tar, who was sighted at the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX.  Must have needed that extra protein to get the 6-4-0 win over SCM.
  • Bad B’Day gift: Team PIS ownership turned 40 this past weekend.  Not giving a very good gift was Team CCI, who trump PIS 5-4-1 this week.  PIS did win the RBI category with 40…creepy.




Diamond Sharp v. Re-Encarnacion

It’s the annual two week ASG matchup, so a rematch of the 2011 title game should be fun.

The league can be found here.


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