LFB–Week 16 Recap: Playoffs looming with 3 weeks to go

Only 3 weeks left and division play begins, with the playoff picture not shaping up at all.  We have a new leader in the Gammons Division as Bogaert Pinedas TAR finally runs down Donnie Barqs and takes the slim 0.5 game lead.  That race will be fun to watch down the stretch!  It may not be clear from the ESPN standings, but here is how I have it from the 6th playoff spot and down so teams currently not in know the number (and team) they are targeting:

  • 6th:  Grand Theft Votto, 79-76-5, –
  • 7th:  When Puig’s Fly, 70-74-16,  3.5 games back
  • 8th:  Diamond Sharp, 74-80-6, 4.5 games back
  • 9th:  Team CCI, 70-87-3, 10 games back
  • 10th: I Trust Autodraft, 64-87-9, 13 games back
  • 11th: Perfect In Seattle, 61-86-13, 14 games back
  • 12th: HOLY COW, 55-90-15, 19 games back




I Trust Autodraft v. Sweet Chin Music

Way to early to count anyone in or out of the playoff scenario!

The league can be found here.


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