LFB–Week 17 Recap: Week of routs sets playoff stage with 2 weeks to go

Wow, a week of severe blowouts all over the league, with 4 teams getting 7 categories.  This makes the playoff chase a little murkier!  When Puig’s Fly jumps up to the 6th and final playoff spot (for now!) with the impressive 7-3-0 victory over Re-Encarnacion.  And Barqs is back on top of the Gammons Division, but only by 0.5 games!  Expanded playoff standings look like this:

  • 6th:  When Puig’s Fly, 77-77-16, –
  • 7th:  Grand Theft Votto, 82-83-5,  0.5 games back
  • 8th:  Diamond Sharp, 81-83-6, 1.0 games back
  • 9th:  Team CCI, 77-90-3, 6.5 games back
  • 10th: I Trust Autodraft, 68-93-9, 13.5 games back
  • 11th: Perfect In Seattle, 63-93-14, 16 games back
  • 12th: HOLY COW, 61-94-15, 16.5 games back




I Trust Autodraft v. Re-Encarnacion

Can the suddenly slumping RE hold onto the #1 seed?

The league can be found here.

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