LFB–Week 18 Recap: The race for the 6th playoff spot comes down to the wire

Here we go, the last week of the regular season, and we have a couple of close races to watch!  First off, congrats to Team Vidlund, who has clinched the Caray Division Title, and unless Re-Encarnacion gets ‘Mooded’ by Sweet Chin Music this week, he should wrap up the Harwell Division.  We have a battle for the Gammons Division title, with Barqs holding a 0.5 game lead over BPT, and they play each other this week; no holding back now!  As for the 6th and last playoff spot, for the 3rd week in a row, we have a new team in the 6th spot, but this one will also come down to the wire. Expanded playoff standings look like this:

  • 6th:  Diamond Sharp, 87-87-6, –
  • 7th:  When Puig’s Fly, 80-83-17,  1.5 games back
  • 8th:  Grand Theft Votto, 86-89-5, 1.5 games back
  • 9th:  Team CCI, 81-96-3, 7.5 games back




Donnie Barqs v. Bogaert Pinedas TAR

Winner take all showdown for the Division!

The league can be found here.

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