LFB–Week 19: Weeks of Justice begins…

The regular season concludes with wild ride as three teams battle for that 6th and final spot.  When Puig’s fly must have really wanted to get in, almost ‘Mooding’ I Trust Autodraft, 8-0-2, and claiming the final playoff spot.  This means there will be a new champion this year, as I sadly bow out of the of the playoffs.  Good luck to the final 6; I will say my goodbyes to the trophy over the next few weeks.

At the top of the table, Re-Encarnacion holds on to the #1 spot and earns that valuable first round bye.  Team Vidlund get the other bye.  Congrats to Bogaert Pinedas TAR for capturing the Gammons Division title by 1.5 games over Donnie Barqs, and claiming the 3rd seed.

None – Done for the season

(5) Sweet Chin Music vs. (4) Donnie Barqs
(6) When Puig’s fly vs. (3) Bogaert Pinedas TAR

The league can be found here.


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