LFFL–Week 1 Recap: Back to business as usual for the defending champs

Opening week of the NFL was a boon for the sportsbooks as 9 dogs covered the spread.  It certainly was a dog day afternoon in the LFFL as well!  The defending champs who “hated their team” on draft day, do not miss a beat and look like geniuses for taking Julius Thomas so high in the draft, getting 31.9 pts from him and score the first Bullet Train of the year, punishing newly minted RDK into the year’s first Crappie.  Other former champs did not fair so well in week 1. Other notes:

  • Chump #1:  Scoring 120 pts in the first week is always good, especially with Megatron on the roster, unless you play high-powered H.Y.C., perennially always one of the high scorers in the league.  H.Y.C. get the win with a very well balanced attack.
  • Chump #2:  The battle of the Bastards does not go well for the former champ the RAT, as the Stafford/Forte pairing puts up big numbers and gets MaD Bastards Bastards the week one win.  Doug Martin anyone? 
  • Chump #3:  It seems like every year we all seem to get a good laugh at one certain owner’s draft picks.  Well, aren’t we all the fools!!!  The pure genius in Jimmy Gronk to get scores out of Sproles, Moreno, and Hakeem Nicks and knowing the Texans would put up 29…we are all idiots!  Big win for JG.
  • Chump #4: We certainly had a monsoon in PHX yesterday, unfortunately for the team of the same name, it was too little to late as the former champ gets punked by Gid’s Kids.  Andrew Luck with a big week 1 again!

Key Matchups: Week 2
Klaver Football Club v. MaD Bastards Bastards: Who starts 2-0?
Dust Devils v. Team RAT BASTARDS: Who starts 0-2?

As always, the spreadsheet with finances and stats will be updated, and can be located at LFFL stats.


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