LFFL–Week 2 Recap: Shootout! At the RDK Corral

Week 2 is in the books, and it was a fairly low scoring one by league standards.  Two teams that had no problems scoring played each other; isn’t that always how it goes?  TE heavyweight Jimmy Gronk has nothing on old man Antonio Gates, who throws down the walker and torches 31.1 pts for the week, helping RDK outscore JG 142.8-135.1 and the Bullet Train.  It always sucks to have the 2nd highest score of the week…and lose.  Might want to rethink Cam Newton riding the pine.  Other notes:

  • Undefeated #1:  Seemed like doom and misery for Klaver Football Club when AP was deactivated.  Not so fast!  They have the A-Rod/R-Cobb connection, and make a timely M-Asiata waiver pickup, and easily cruise to victory. 2-0 for KFC.
  • Undefeated #2:  As per usual, the H.Y.C. roster looks like a M.A.S.H. unit, lots of red Q’s and O’s.  Doesn’t matter when you have P-Manning; H.Y.C. get enough to get by the Monsoon, but suffer an injury to red-hot M-Ingram.  I like the H.Y.C. logo; not sure why the Monsoon logo is Mr. Bean. 
  • Undefeated #3:  Since my GF moved in, I have lost 12 straight NASCAR matches, missed the baseball playoffs by 1.5 games, lost all 4 fantasy football matches, and get this week’s Crappie.  She’s a keeper.  BULLDOGS move to 2-0.

Key Matchups: Week 3
Jimmy Gronk v. THE BULLDOGS: A shootout for sure!
H.Y.C. v. Gid’s Kids: Manning v. Luck!

Stats: LFFL stats.


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