LFN Results–Chase Rd. 1: HSG Racing and Fender Benders advance

The Chase is on!  I’m sure everyone was dialed into NASCAR the last couple of weeks, right?  We will have a new champion this year as Fender Benders hold on and score the 4 pt. victory over the defending champ.  Another upset as the #5 HSG Racing puts Barqs Motorsports into the wall and cruise to the next round:

  • HSG Racing def. Barqs Motorsports, 288.00-2237.50
  • Fender Benders def. T-Bone, 211.50-207.50
  • Busch Whackers def. Buzz, 266.50-246.25
  • Shake and Bake def. TRiM, 260.75-207.75

So….here we go with the semifinals.  3 more weeks….good luck to all.


#5 Fender Benders  vs. #1 Yooper Drive

#6 HSG Racing vs. #2 JR Nation


#4 T-Bone vs. #3 Barqs Motorsports

Full results/standings are here.


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