LFFL–Week 4 Recap: Some call it a Win-Win situation

I have good news!  We are 4 weeks in, and no team is more than 2 games out of their respective division lead.  However, sitting at 1-3 at this point doesn’t feel too great, and 5 owners get to feel that sting for another week.  One of those owners, T.Y. Hiltunen had to be feeling both happy that M. Stafford was doing so well as he is a Lions fan, but disappointed that Megatron was not getting any of that action, and they lose the family affair to MaD Bastards Bastards.  Other notes:

  • MNF again:  Along those same lines, it had to be hard for a certain BULLDOGS owner to watch J. Charles go absolutely insane on MNF.  Dust Devils hand the champ their first loss of the year.  Falcons D…ugh.
  • WTF:  Will the real slim Klaver Football Club please stand up?  One week after setting an LFFL record for futility, they respond with this week’s Bullet Train, almost besting last week’s score by 100 pts.  Must have been some week of practice.
  • Lonely at the top:  We have only one undefeated team left, the mysteriously named, lavished logoed H.Y.C., who kick the RAT BASTARDS into this week’s Crappie.  S. Smith Sr. on the bench didn’t help.  Also seems anyone named Manning is at QB does the trick for H.Y.C.; I hear Cooper Manning is available.

Key Matchups: Week 5
THE BULLDOGS v. H.Y.C: Powerhouses collide
Team RAT BASTARDS v. T.Y. Hiltunen: Non-Powerhouses collide

Stats: LFFL stats.


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