LFFL–Week 5 Recap: H.Y.C. looks unstoppable at this point

Another crazy low scoring week as 8 teams fail to crack 100 pts.  Why is this?  I wish I knew.  Seriously.  (Collected my 2nd Crappie this week).  Two teams not having any problem scoring are the two finalists from last year, and this time around H.Y.C. gets a little revenge, collecting their league record 15th Bullet Train, and beats the BULLDOGS 148.4-127.4.  Packers D with 27 pts off the waiver wire?  I’d say H.Y.C. is getting a bit lucky at the moment.  Other notes:

  • MNF again:  Call it a bad beat, or another case of luck, but Percy Harvin getting 3 TD’s called back due to penalties was just something you could never predict.  Had to be quite a ride over at T.Y. Hiltunen’s HQ during that game; they hold on to beat the RAT BASTARDS.
  • Trades:  Two trades this week, and both were between teams that were playing each other; weird.  On the winning end of one of those trades was RDK, collecting 38.6 pts from newly acquired D. Thomas, and put Gid’s Kids into the hurt locker.  Hindsight…
  • Flip a coin:  Not sure what is going on with KFC; it might be the biggest 3 game shift in scores ever.  Jimmy Gronk gets them on the right week, closing the door on the 102-83.3 win.

Key Matchups: Week 6
Jimmy Gronk v. The Monsoon: Someone has to win
Gid’s Kids v. Dust Devils: DD quietly moving along at 4-1

Stats: LFFL stats.


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