LFFL Recap–Week 6: No shortage of scoring this week

So much for the low scoring.  9 teams put up over 100 pts, that is more like it!  Blazing this week’s trail…Joe Flacco?  4 first quarter TD’s, and starts the scoring bonanza for RDK as they put up an LFFL record for scoring, punishing hard luck losers RAT BASTARDS, 183.1-121.9.  This smashes the previous record by almost 5 pts.  All players in double digits for RDK, and they collect their 2nd Bullet Train of the year.  Other notes:

  • Close shave:  Closest game of the week: BULLDOGS and MBB.  Good scoring, and the BULLDOGS hold on for the 2.1 pt victory. Phil Rivers for MVP?
  • No close shave:  The 49ers D made it look closer that it was on MNF, but Gid’s Kids improve to 3-3 with the 110.8-91.6 beatdown on the Dust Devils.  Andy Luck for MVP?
  • Low and steady:  Two of the three lowest scores played each other this week.  The Crappie can only go to one, and this week, Captain Two TE’s gets the honors, scratching out a mere 77.5 pts in succumbing to the Monsoon.  Col Kap for MVP?

Key Matchups: Week 7
T.Y. Hiltunen v. THE BULLDOGS: Key matchup between last 2 champs
H.Y.C v. Jimmy Gronk: Upset alert pt 2? Nah.

Stats: LFFL stats.


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