LFFL Recap–Week 7: Rare occurance with this week’s Crappie Winner

Back to low scoring, please tell me this is not a trend.  As I looked at this week’s trophy winners, I had to do a double take; the Crappie goes to…THE BULLDOGS?  The high-scoring BULLDOGS?  I was curious, so I pulled out the stats; it the history of the league (8 years), this is only the 5th Crappie ever for this franchise.  This week’s Bullet Train goes to T.Y. Hiltunen, who incidentally only has 5 all time Crappies as well.  Other notes:

  • No Crap:  Who has the record for fewest Crappies you ask? Why, H.Y.C. of course with 4; that’s impressive.  They handle their business this week, beating up on punchless Jimmy Gronk (9 Crappies).
  • Lots of Crap:  Who has the record for the most Crappies you ask?  It’s MaD Bastards Bastards, who have 13 all-time Crappies.  This week, they beat the team with the 2nd most, Gid’s Kids (11).  Whole lotta crap between these two.
  • Crap-tacular:  Holding down the #2 spot in the Power Rankings, the Dust Devils (6) get a strong MNF showing out of L. Bell, and runaway from RDK (8), 117.7-96.6. 

Key Matchups: Week 8
RDK v. H.Y.C.: Battle of the 3 letter team names
The Monsoon v. Dust Devils: Battle of…desert storms?

Stats: LFFL stats.


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