LFFL Recap–Week 8: Scoring explosion!

There are certain things you can always count on in life: Death, Taxes, and a fantasy win when you play me when I’m in Vegas.  MaD BB almost breaks the 2 week old scoring record, putting up a scary 182.8 pts en route to the Bullet Train.  For MaD BB, it was the 8th skin in franchise history.  Last week we looked at Crappies; let’s examine BT’s this week.  Other notes:

  • Night Train:  Scoring the 2nd most pts this week, T.Y. Hiltunen (9 BT’s) puts up 163.8 pts (franchise record) and lay Jimmy Gronk (5 BT’s) to rest.  The Gronk Show is born.
  • Train Games:  Who has the record for the most BT’s you ask?  We all know it is H.Y.C (15 BT’s).  They played (and crushed) the team with the 2nd most BT’s, RDK (14 BT’s), pushing them down to this weeks Crappie.  Vegas shakes.
  • High Speed Train:  The BULLDOGS (9 BT’s) got out of Vegas just in time to collect the close win over KFC (7 BT’s).  The champs move to 5-3 and hold a commanding 2 game lead in the Blue division.

Key Matchups: Week 9
KFC v. The Monsoon: Must win game for both
H.Y.C. v. Dust Devils: Top 2 ranked teams clash!

Stats: LFFL stats.


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