LFFL Recap–Week 9: #2 Dust Devils steam past #1 H.Y.C.

Pining away for Odell Beckham Jr. to get 40 pts is not my ideal way of spending a Monday night.  Seeing as how I’ve cemented my worst fantasy season ever, this week’s update has me thinking “Get Out Woman!” all over again.  Top of the table this week?  Still H.Y.C., but the gap is closer as the Dust Devils come from behind to win (Bullet Train) and tie H.Y.C. for the best record in the league.  Get Out Garcon!  Other notes:

  • Get Out! pt. 1:  Klaver Football Club is holding onto the 6th spot in the rankings as Jeremy Hill (wow) gets 28.8 pts and KFC cruise over The Monsoon. Get Out Kaepernick!
  • Get Out! pt. 2:  It was almost a MNF miracle again for Gid’s Kids with Andrew Luck doing his best, but the Kids fall just short and lose to the BULLDOGS by 2.2 pts.  Get Out Chris Ivory!
  • Get Out! pt. 3:  The good news?  Seems like Gronk is back to his old tricks; had a few incredible catches and got 21 pts.  The bad news?  The Gronk Show is a box office bust, collecting this week’s Crappie to the previous worst ranked team in the league.  Get Out Cam!

Key Matchups: Week 10
T.Y. Hiltunen v. RDK: TYH has won 5 straight
H.Y.C. v. MaD Bastards Bastards: Tough stretch for H.Y.C.

Stats: LFFL stats.


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