LFFL Recap–Week 10: Division play starts back up with only 3 weeks to go

Only 3 weeks left in the season, and for the first time in years the playoff scenario could actually be decided early.  There is a two game difference between the current 6th place team and 7th place team, so with only 3 games left, this is a crucial week for several teams.  Currently holding down the 6th spot, this week’s Bullet Train winner, Klaver Football Club, with a drubbing of Gid’s Kids, 173.5-103.1.  Other notes:

  • Clinched:  One team that is in the playoffs is last year’s runner up, H.Y.C.  They clinch with their 8th win of the year, a powerful 144.4-128.5 victory over MBB.  H.Y.C. can clinch the division title this week with a win over T.Y. Hiltunen.
  • Almost clinched:  THE BULLDOGS with a crushing 162.3 pts this week cruise past the Monsoon, and they are poised to win the division title this week with a win over OUT.  Must win for OUT and the other two 4 win teams, RAT BASTARDS and Gid’s Kids
  • MNF miracle:  Speaking of newly minted, newly rostered, OUT, their playoff life was about to get snuffed, until new acquisition Kelvin Benjamin gets the book definition of ‘garbage’ pts, scoring twice in a blowout game, and OUT take down T.Y. Hiltunen with some MNF magic.

Key Matchups: Week 11
T.Y. Hiltunen v. H.Y.C.: Division title could be decided
OUT v. THE BULLDOGS: Division title could be decided

Stats: LFFL stats.


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