LFFL Recap–Week 11: Low scoring week has all the potential playoff teams a little uneasy

This was supposed to be the week where the playoffs were set, where division champs were crowned, the earliest in LFFL history.  Not so fast!!  A very low scoring week has some of the league’s ‘powerhouses’ sucking wind this week. One team that has to be a bit worried is the current #6 seed, Klaver Football Club, as they get drubbed by the Bullet Train winning Dust Devils, and now hold a slim one game lead on that last spot.  Other notes:

  • NSF #1:  Cruising along with a 3 game division, should have been no problem for the defending champ to clinch the division over newly reshuffled OUT.  Not so fast!!  Julius Thomas and Philip Rivers get hurt, Kelvin Benjamin continues to be strong, and OUT win, and are now only 1 game out of the #6 spot.
  • NSF #2:  The battle of the Bastards should have been the Tom Brady show, torching a weak Colts secondary, leading the RAT to the easy win.  Not so fast!!  199 Shades of Gray happened, the Pats went run crazy, and the MaD BB are in good shape as they easily win and sit at 7-4, only 1 game behind the Dust Devils for the division lead.
  • NSF #3:  Powerhouse #1 ranked H.Y.C. should have cruised with Peyton and his guaranteed 30/game, dancing their way to a division title and potential #1 seed.  Not so fast!!  Peyton get done by the Stache, Jimmy Graham gets shut down by Cincy, and H.Y.C. posts their lowest score of the year (first time under 100 pts), collecting this week’s Crappie.  T.Y. Hiltunen 1 game back.

Key Matchups: Week 12
MaD BB v. KFC: Crucial win needed for both
RAT BASTARDS v. Dust Devils:  DD push for 1st rd bye


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