LFFL–Week 13 Recap: H.Y.C scratches out MNF win and claims Division Title, #1 Playoff seed

The regular season ends with some high drama on MNF.  At the beginning of the season, we all knew we would be be dialed into the Dolphins-Jets game, right?  H.Y.C. had the second lowest points of the week; bad news right?  Not so fast!  They played the team with the lowest points this week, Gid’s Kids (Crappie), and win, claiming the White Division title and the #1 overall seed in the playoffs.  You need a little luck to win the belt… H.Y.C. still claims the Mike Martz trophy for most pts scored despite the last 3 dreadful weeks. Other notes:

  • He Went to Jared:  The defending champs are hot on H.Y.C.’s heels as they claim the #2 seed with an impressive victory over 2TEs4Life.  Can Mark Sanchez really lead this team to a 2nd straight belt?
  • Every Kiss Begins with K:  Claiming the last Bullet Train of the year despite going for a 3rd straight week with zero points from the TE spot, the KFC are in as the 6th seed.  Who needs a TE, really?
  • December to Remember:  Losing a shot at the #1 seed, but gaining the important $75 Division Title is the Dust Devils, who lose this week to playoff #5 seed MaD Bastards Bastards.  Good luck to both.
  • You’ve got a friend in the Diamond Business: This year’s Crappie Master trophy goes to a former champ, Team RAT BASTARDS, who scores the fewest points for the season.  Memories of Arian Foster fresh in the mind…

Transactions are bit down this year, but the winner will still get a hefty haul.  Good Luck to all!

Playoffs: Round 1
#6 Klaver Football Club v. #3 Dust Devils: All MTU matchup!
#5 MaD Bastards Bastards v. #4 T.Y. Hiltunen: A family affair for sure!

Toilet Bowl: Round 1
#12 Team RAT BASTARDS v. #9 The Gronk Show
#11 Caped Crusaders
v. #10 Gid’s Kids

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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