LFFL–Playoffs, Rd. 3: A Dynasty is born: T.Y. Hiltunen captures 3rd title in 4 years

It was all over mid Sunday afternoon, no real drama in these years final match as T.Y. Hiltunen retakes the belt with the 102.7-75.1 victory over the Dust Devils.  Zach Ertz (???) leads the way for TYH, who get pretty consistent numbers across the board.  The two-headed monster for the DD did not show up, as Charles/Bell combined for only 21.9 pts.  Good run this year DD.

In the 3rd place game, H.Y.C. shakes of the week 16 blues and take the $$$ over THE BULLDOGS.  The much coveted Toilet Bowl goes to C’MON MAN.


  1. T.Y. Hiltunen: $497.00
  2. Dust Devils: $338.00
  3. H.Y.C.: $212.00
  4. THE BULLDOGS: $20.00
  5. Klaver Football Club: $1.00
  6. MaD Bastards Bastards: -$5.00
  7. C’MON MAN: -$8.00
  8. The Gronk Show: -$23.00
  9. Caped Crusaders: -$41.00
  10. The Monsoon: -$13.00
  11. Team RAT BASTARDS: -$39.00
  12. Gid’s Kids: -$39.00

I’ll be sending out the year-end finance emails early next week for all the Louse games, and will try to get squared up with everyone within the next few weeks.  Thanks for the great season; we’ll see you all next year!

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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