Louse Cup–2014 Final Standings: Closest Cup standings yet, gives the 2014 title of ‘King of Kings’ to…?

The 2014 fantasy sports season concluded last night with the first ever CFB playoff finale, and it was our closest standings yet! A mad dash by a few people in the Bowl Mania challenge made it interesting, but for the second year in a row, Donnie Barqs is your King of Kings.  He finishes with an average finish in the 5 games of 4.20, a bit higher than last years 3.00 positional average.

2014 Louse Cup – Final Standings:

  1. Donnie Barqs, 320 pts, $250
  2. Barrie Sager, 310 pts
  3. Paul Mood, 310 pts
  4. Todd Gadomski, 300 pts
  5. Dan Vangosen, 290 pts
  6. Brent Roberts, 230 pts
  7. Greg Hiltunen, 230 pts
  8. Chad Gadomski, 230 pts
  9. Dave Gadomski, 200 pts
  10. Mike Rice, 190 pts

Many thanks to everyone who played this year; hope to see you all back in 2015!

Final standings are located here.


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