LFN Results–Las Vegas: Can anyone stop Team TRiM?

Gamblers unite as the Kobalt 400 from Vegas gave us some interesting matchups; undefeated Fender Benders was looking good early, but then ol’ 6-time hit the wall, and it was all Team TRiM from there, as Truex Jr. finished 2nd, and TRiM looks unstoppable at this point, moving easily to 3-0:

  • T-Bone def. Barqs Motorsports, 88.00-74.75
  • TRiM def. Fender Benders, 97.50-49.75
  • Yooper Drive def. Up In Smoke, 82.75-73.50
  • Shake and Bake def. Keslouseski Racing, 78.25-75.00
  • Newmanium def. Buzz, 96.50-40.25

Skin: Kevin Harvick (Up In Smoke), $5

Impressive win for the defending champ as Ryan Newman does what he does (top 10 finish).  Yooper Drive and T-Bone improve to 3-0 as well; good week for the Gadomski’s.  Bad week for the Hiltunen’s: Barqs and Keslouseski start the year off 0-3 and pull up the bottom on this weeks Power Rankings:

Power Rankings:

  1. TRiM, 3-0, 297.00 pts
  2. T-Bone, 3-0, 260.25 pts
  3. Yooper Drive, 3-0, 217.25 pts
  4. Fender Benders, 2-1, 210.50 pts
  5. Newmanium, 1-2, 209.75 pts
  6. Up In Smoke, 1-2, 204.75 pts
  7. Buzz, 1-2, 176.25 pts
  8. Shake and Bake, 1-2, 149.75 pts
  9. Barqs Motorsports, 0-3, 187.50 pts
  10. Keslouseski Racing, 0-3, 169.00 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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