LFB–Week 1 Recap: Parity dominates week 1 (except if you auto-drafted)

We are off and running for the 2015 LFB season, and it seems everyone drafted pretty well as most of the first week matchups were close, lots of 4’s and 5’s out there.  Except for one matchup; Donnie Barqs sets the early pace with a 8-1-1 drubbing of I Trust Autodraft. J.D. Martinez anyone? Perhaps I should have taken him instead of Soler.  Other highlights:

  • Close shave #1:  An anemic AVG battle ends up in the favor of Team CCI as they hold on to collect the 6-4-0 win over Perfect in Seattle. 0.243 to 0.2333? Mike Trout will have to improve that average.
  • Close shave #2:  Hitting a whopping 13 HR’s will surely get you a win, or at least a category as newly minted Flash Gordon takes the early win 5-3-2 over my new favorite team name, Bros before Hosmer. Both teams with excellent team logos, BTW. 
  • Close shave #3:  In a battle between the longest names in the league, To the Max Fo Scherzer holds on for the 5-4-1 win over Felix and The Diamond Sharpes.  I guarantee I won’t be typing out those names every week.  And Sharpes with an E? Hey, whatever works.


None (extended matchup)


Re-Encarnacion v. Bros before Hosmer

A championship rematch this early in the season has to be good.

The league can be found here.


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