LFN Results – Bristol: Trouble in Turn 2!! Upsets galore!!

Wild race!!! For those who caught it (it did come on Fox Sports 1 later), some nasty wrecks to big names, some weird situations, and a green-white-checkered finish in the rain gave Matt Kenseth the long awaited win, giving Yooper Drive the skin and win. Also collecting the big win is Barqs Motorsports; finally off the schnide (sp?):

  • Buschlouseski Racing def. TRiM, 58.75-35.50
  • Barqs Motorsports def. Buzz, 79.25-41.50
  • Fender Benders def. Shake and Bake, 84.50-62.25
  • Newmanium def. Up In Smoke, 73.25-61.75
  • Yooper Drive def. T-Bone, 73.75-53.50

Skin: Matt Kenseth (Yooper Drive), $5

NASCAR says Denny Hamlin finished the race, so that’s good enough for me, win for Newmanium. UPSET ALERT: TRiM is not the greatest team ever, they get destroyed by newly minted Buschlouseski Racing as Logano blows a tire, but it doesn’t really affect them in this week’s Power Rankings:

Power Rankings:

  1. TRiM, 7-1, 708.75 pts
  2. Yooper Drive, 6-2, 602.75 pts
  3. Newmanium, 6-2, 597.25 pts
  4. Buschlouseski Racing, 5-3, 612.50 pts
  5. Fender Benders, 4-4, 578.75 pts
  6. T-Bone, 4-4, 529.75 pts
  7. Up In Smoke, 3-5, 587.50 pts
  8. Buzz, 2-6, 520.75 pts
  9. Shake and Bake, 2-6, 509.50 pts
  10. Barqs Motorsports, 1-7, 508.25 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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