LFB–Week 2 Recap: Nelson Cruz goes legend

Is the week over yet?  I have had my fill of Nelson Cruz.  Flashbacks from a few years ago when Trevor Plouffe terrorized me for a week, Cruz hit 6 HR’s, batted 0.500 for the week, and had 10 RBI’s.  Dream killer…for me anyways.  Props to To the Max Fo Scherzer on the impressive 7-2-1 victory.  Other highlights:

  • Power Struggle:  Two teams slugged it out this week, both clubbing 12 HR’s, and in the end, Donnie Barqs hangs on for the 5-4-1 victory over Perfect in Seattle. Yoenis Cespedes had himself quite a day yesterday.
  • Name Struggle:  Two teams with rapidly changing names squared off, one dominating offense, and the other pitching, with de Diamond Sharp taking the 5-4-1 win over W.M. Dee.  In case anyone was wondering, Kris Bryant is on the trading block. 
  • Pitching Struggle:  Two teams with excellent pitching threw blows this week, and although HOLY COW got 4 of the pitching categories, Flash Gordon get wins, and takes the 6-4-0 victory.  Michael Pineda with 2 wins? Nice.




To the Max Fo Scherzer v. W. M. Dee

Battle for the Caray Division lead.

The league can be found here.


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