LFN Results – Richmond: The best waiver wire pickup ever keeps on clicking

An interesting race to say the least, even with the 1 day rain delay. Joey Logano was on the pole and started off strong, but this Kurt Busch kid seems to have quite a chip on his shoulder as he holds off Harvick and gets the skin and the win for Bushlouseski Racing:

  • Buschlouseski Racing def. Up in Smoke, 95.50-63.50
  • Barqs Motorsports def. T-Bone, 81.75-70.75
  • TRiM def. Fender Benders, 94.25-92.75
  • Shake and Bake def. Buzz, 85.25-61.00
  • Yooper Drive def. Newmanium, 85.00-70.75

Skin: Kurt Busch (Buschlouseski Racing), $5

Some pretty key and close divisional matchups this week! Top rated TRiM barely hold on with a late Logano move and take down Fender Benders by 1.5 pts. In the Petty Division, Yooper Drive get enough out of a poor qualifying Kasey Kahne and hold off Newmanium and keep their grip on the #2 spot in this weeks Power Rankings:

Power Rankings:

  1. TRiM, 8-1, 803.00 pts
  2. Yooper Drive, 7-2, 687.75 pts
  3. Buschlouseski Racing, 6-3, 708.00 pts
  4. Newmanium, 6-3, 668.00 pts
  5. Fender Benders, 4-5, 671.50 pts
  6. T-Bone, 4-5, 600.50 pts
  7. Up In Smoke, 3-6, 651.00 pts
  8. Shake and Bake, 3-6, 594.75 pts
  9. Barqs Motorsports, 2-7, 590.00 pts
  10. Buzz, 2-7, 581.75 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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