LFB–Week 5 Recap: I Trust Autodraft takes down the defending champ

Look out now.  The king of the Autodraft is making some noise.  With Russell Martin batting 0.588 and Yasmani Grandal batting 0.643 for the week (seriously?), ITA cruises to the 6-4-0 victory over RE.  Now at 0.500 for the year, ITA slugged 15 HR’s this week with Grandal getting 10 RBI’s.  Impressive.  Other highlights:

  • Caray Power #1:  How can you bat 0.2235 for the week, lose the AVG category with the other team batting 0.2992, but win the other 4 offensive categories.  Very strange, but that what propelled To the Max fo Scherzer to the 8-2-0 drubbing of Perfect in Seattle.
  • Caray Power #2:  de Diamond Sharp de-stroys Flash Gordon, 8-2-0, sweeping the pitching categories. deGrom, De-llin Betances lead the way.
  • Caray Power #3:  Bryce Harper had himself a week, didn’t he?  6 HR’s, 0.455 AVG, 13 RBI’s: all of this propels W.M. Dee to the 8-2-0 over CCI.  There are chants of MVP coming from Chandler these days.




Donnie Barqs v. W.M. Dee

The two best teams in the league square off!

The league can be found here.

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