LFB – Week 6 Recap: Marquee matchup ends up in a…tie.

The big matchup between the top two teams ended up in a sister-kisser. 4/5 pitching categories for Barqs, 4/5 hitting categories for W.M. Dee, and this one ends 5-5-0. Bryce Harper continues his onslaught, but so does the Dark Knight, Matt Harvey. Other highlights:

  • Fo Schnizzle:   Speaking of onslaught, TTMFS continues their fine play, roasting HOLY COW 8-1-1 behind Shelby Freaking Miller, who almost had the year’s first no-no on Sunday.
  • Close shave:  This one bounced around quite a bit, but Team CCI hangs on for the 5-4-1 victory over Flash Gordon.  Very close in almost every category; perhaps Flash needs a hotter logo to get things back on track.
  • Bros bash:  Division leading BBH gets the 6-3-1 victory despite some horrific pitching, but did slug 13 HR’s.  C’Mon PiS, perhaps a name change is in order, OR, make that deal for Felix.




Perfect in Seattle v. HOLY COW

These two need a spark, some luck, something!

The league can be found here.

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