LFB – Week 8 Recap: Back to division play, the games are a little closer…for some.

We go back for another round of division play, and as it should be, many close matches, with a couple of exceptions. In a bit of a surprise, fresh off losing 8-2-0, Flash Gordon builds off of their new ERA record and crushes Bros before Hosmer, 8-1-1, sweeping all offensive categories. Not a good week for closers, especially one David Robertson who will probably wish to never see Josh Donaldson again. Other highlights:

  • Cruise Control: The other big victory of the week goes to Barqs, who pummels Autograft 9-1-0, and improves their division lead to 24.5 games.  After Week 8?
  • Father/Son clash: HOLY COW started off quickly this week, but RE caught up quickly, and this one ends tied 5-5-0.  Plouffe went Plouffe last week, batting 0.360 with 7 RBI’s (ugh…reliving 2012 nightmare again)
  • Comeback: Team CCI was rolling along all week, but a nice Sunday comeback gives Rusty Trumbo the 5-5-0 push.  Mark Trumbo for MVP?


Donnie Barqs v. Rusty Trumbo
I chose this matchup purely based on being able to type Rusty Trumbo again.
The league can be found here.


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