LFB – Week 9 Recap: Not so fast, Barqs, there’s a Rusty Trumbo gunning for you.


Division play continues on, and some very close matchups again this week  I would say things are more or less settling in, as nobody is really catching anybody by surprise these days.  We did have one blowout of sorts, lets start there. Team CCI trucks over Autodraft, 7-2-1, barely taking HR’s and K’s. CCI remains a cool 23.5 games out of first…but only a few games out of that coveted 6th playoff position. Other highlights:

  • Roar of Trumbo: Just last week I was crowing about Barqs being on cruise control, and then, Rusty Trumbo’s vaunted pitching staff remembered how to play, and Trumbo cards the 6-3-1 win over top ranked Barqs.  Archer/Price/Gray…quite a murderer’s row.
  • Close Shave: It was close all week, but in the end, W.M. Dee eeked out the 5-4-1 victory over de Diamond Sharp.  Perhaps if dDS had figured out which Seattle closer they wanted, they could have pulled another category.
  • Too close: The defending champ makes big progress over the weekend, but has to settle for the 4-3-3 loss to Bros before Hosmer.  Bros holds a slim 2.5 game lead over Flash Gordon in the division.



W.M. Dee v. To the Max Fo Scherzer

0.5 game separates these two at the top of the Caray Division.

The league can be found here.


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