LFB – Week 10 Recap: Two teams tied for top record in the league


We end this round of division play with several close matchups, but the two teams with the best record in the league had very different weeks.  Sitting with a 0.635 winning percentage, W.M. Dee takes control of the Caray Division with the impressive 8-2-0 shellacking of TTMFS.  Not even a near perfect game from Scherzer on Sunday could save TTMFS, who get swept in all the offensive categories.  19 HR’s for WMD? I guess the face-to-face meeting with Votto in Chicago paid off. Other highlights:

  • Downward Spiral: The other top team in the league is glad this round of division games are over, as Barqs takes another one on the chin, falling 7-3-0 to Team CCI.  Is Chris Sale human?.
  • Pretty Hate Machine: Keeping a slim 4 game division lead is Bros Before Hosmer, barely escaping the clutches of HOLY COW, 6-4-0.  Is Salvador Perez human?
  • With Teeth: The great pitching staff of Rusty Trumbo is starting to click, and they take the 5-4-1 victory over I Trust Autodraft.  Is Sonny Gray human?



Donnie Barqs v. Flash Gordon

Two potential playoff teams in need of a good week.

The league can be found here.


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