LFB – Week 12 Recap: Maintaining position is the name of the game


The All-Star break is about 2 weeks away, so that means many things.  One: 4 days with no baseball.  Two: A two week fantasy matchup.  Three: Lots of players coming off the DL.  What does this all mean?  It means the teams that are currently holding the 1-6 spots in the standings should be looking to maintain their slot, not getting blown out the next few weeks, and scouring the waiver wire for anyone who can help.  It makes the job much harder for the 6 of us trying to move up!  5-5-0 won’t cut it!  Other highlights:

  • Monkey Wrench: Of the teams trying to crash the playoff party, Re-Encarnacion sits 1 game out of the 6th spot at the moment, and helps his cause with a 7-3-0 victory over Autodraft.  Tough luck for ITA with Stanton hitting the DL.  Get out of Nolan Arendo’s way…apparently, whoa, quite a week.
  • Times Like These: Currently holding on to the last playoff spot is Flash Gordon, and they grind out the 5-5-0 sister-kisser against dDS.  For those who didn’t know, Curtis Granderson is still playing in the league, and hit 4 HR’s last week.  (He’s with the Mets).
  • The Pretender: The battle between the elder statesmen of the league goes to….neither, as HOLY COW and Barqs also end in a 5-5-0 tie.  I see hope in the eyes of the teams in the Harwell Division as they have trimmed Barqs division lead to the slimmest of margins, 18 games.



Donnie Barqs v. Re-Encarnacion

A former champ vs the current champ!

The league can be found here.


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