LFB – Week 13 Recap: The defending champ leaps into the playoff hunt with whipping of Barqs


America’s birthday comes and goes, hopefully everyone enjoyed it.  I certainly enjoyed seeing Kris Bryant hit two HR’s, one being a grand slam in Saturday’s rout of the Marlins.  Also enjoying this was de Diamond Sharp; they take 4 out of 5 offensive categories, but can’t compete with Rusty Trumbo’s pitching, and halve the match, 5-5-0.  Francisco Liriano = Stud.  Other highlights:

  • When I Come Around: A couple of division leaders played each other, and it while the final score was close, 6-4-0, W.M. Dee swept all the OF categories, stealing an impressive 13 bases.  This pushes Bros before Hosmer into a tie for the division lead with Flash Gordon.
  • American Idiot: Team CCI rolls up To the Max Fo Scherzer, 5-4-1.  We have an Erick Aybar sighting; 0.478 AVG for the week, 7 R’s and 5 RBI’s.  Beware dDS, it’s a two-start week for Chris Sale.
  • Basket Case: The defending champ is making some noise.  They dismantle division leading Barqs, 8-1-1.  RE is now 6th in the standings; Barqs division lead is down to 14.5 games.  Chip chip chip away?



Team CCI v. de Diamond Sharp

A pitching bonanza for sure!

The league can be found here.


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