LFB – Week 14 Recap: With 5 weeks to go, the race is on for the 6th playoff spot


We go dark on baseball until Friday, which sucks just as much as Ian Desmond does this year.  There are only 5 matchups left in the regular season, and the playoff field is no where near set in stone.  The Gammons Division is up for grabs, with 3 teams within 5 games of the lead.  The Harwell Division looked like it was over weeks ago, but that 28 game lead has been trimmed to 13 games, definitely possible to catch over 5 weeks.  And even with the best record in the league, W.M. Dee could easily be caught over the 5 weeks as the Caray Division has the 3 best records in the league!  Impressive.  Trade deadline is Friday July 24th; the next few weeks should be interesting!  Other highlights:

  • Them Bones: Hard-charging Team CCI is rolling up the aforementioned Caray Division as they cruise 7-3-0 over de Diamond Sharp.  No stolen bases?  No problem, CCI takes all the other OF categories, it’s called ‘punting’, kids.  86K’s helps, too.
  • Rooster: Hard-charging Re-Encarnacion is storming up the Gammons Division, and gets a hard fought victory over suddenly-interested Rusty Trumbo, 6-4-0.  81K’s helps, too.
  • Man in the Box: Hard-charging W.M. Dee is not letting their guard down, continuing their assault on the league, sporting the best record and thrashing HOLY COW, 7-3-0.  13 Saves helps, too.



W.M. Dee v. Re-Encarnacion

2 teams on fire battle for 2 weeks.

The league can be found here.


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