LFB – Week 15 Recap: Flash Gordon flexes muscle on Rusty Trumbo


Only 4 regular season match-ups left; let the playoff positioning begin!  Making a trade at the deadline and setting their sites on the playoffs is Flash Gordon, who continue to clobber home runs, slugging 22 more in their drubbing of Rusty Trumbo, 7-3-0.  A-Rod is having quite the year, isn’t he?  Other highlights:

  • Satellite: A very very late charge on Sunday by W.M. Dee gives them a 5-5-0 tie vs the defending champ.  1 run and 1 RBI was the difference, very close.  With trade deadline gone, RE-E now stuck with Starlin Castro.
  • Ants Marching: Back in business Barqs easily dismantles TtMFS, 8-2-0 behind 19 HR’s.  With trade deadline gone, TtMFS now stuck with Justin Verlander.
  • Too Much: Two teams who seem like playoff teams at the moment had a pretty even battle, with de Diamond Sharp eeking out the 5-4-1 victory over Bros before Hosmer. With trade deadline gone, dDS now stuck with Danny Salazar.

None (extended week)


de Diamond Sharp v. Donnie Barqs

Father v Son battle royale.

The league can be found here.


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