LFN Results – Pocono: Wild finish creates wild results and a logjam in the standings


What a crazy race!  Early on, there were 7 cautions, engines blowing up, several lead changes, etc.  Towards the end, some drivers gambled on fuel and failed.  Joey Logano:  Out of fuel on the last lap.  Kyle Busch: Out of fuel on the last lap.  Truex Jr.: Out of fuel on the last lap.  Sounds bleak for TRiM, right?  Well, Kurt Busch was the cause of several of those cautions, and he finishes 37th, and somehow, TRiM holds on for the 0.75 pt victory over Buschlouseski Racing:

  • Shake and Bake def. Fender Benders, 93.00-81.75
  • T-Bone def. Yooper Drive, 86.75-64.25
  • TRiM def. Buschlouseski Racing, 70.00-69.25
  • Barqs Motorsports def. Buzz, 82.00-77.75
  • Up In Smoke def. Newmanium, 58.25-53.25

Skin: Matt Kenseth (Yooper Drive), $5

Things are tightening up in the standings as three teams are tied at 10-11 for the 5th and 6th spots; with only 5 races left in the regular season, anything is possible!  This week’s Power Rankings:

Power Rankings:

  1. TRiM, 18-3, 1,792.25 pts
  2. Yooper Drive, 13-8, 1,543.50 pts
  3. Buschlouseski Racing, 15-6, 1,694.25 pts
  4. Newmanium, 11-10, 1,545.75 pts
  5. Fender Benders, 10-11, 1,640.00 pts
  6. T-Bone, 10-11, 1,570.25 pts
  7. Up In Smoke, 10-11, 1,523.50 pts
  8. Buzz, 7-14, 1,446.25 pts
  9. Barqs Motorsports, 6-15, 1,341.25 pts
  10. Shake and Bake, 5-16, 1,365.00 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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