LFB – Week 18 Recap: We have a Mooding


This is it!  Last week of the regular season coming up, and teams are jockeying for division titles and that last playoff spot.  Team CCI finally does to someone what happened to him first; they ‘Mooded’ I Trust Autodraft 10-0-0 to keep their playoff hopes alive.  A few congrats to go out:

  • W. M. Dee:  Clinches Caray Division title and first round bye, holds 8 game lead for #1 seed
  • Donnie Barqs:  Clinches Harwell Division title; holds 7 game lead for first round bye

If anyone puts a Mooding on a current playoff team other than the top 2, they could easily miss the playoffs, it’s fairly close! Including the Gammons Division, which is down to a 1 game lead! Current playoff picture:

  • 5th:  Bros Before Hosmer, 89-76-15, +5.5 games
  • 6th:  Syndergaarden Cop, 86-84-10, –
  • 7th:  To The Max fo Scherzer, 85-88-7,  2.5 games back
  • 8th:  Team CCI, 84-89-7, 3.5 games back
  • 9th:  Flash Gordon, 81-92-7, 6.5 games back




Flash Gordon v. Re-Encarnacion

Lot on the line in this matchup

The league can be found here.


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