LFFL – Week 1 Recap: Outta Nowhere sets the early pace; overreaction begins…now!


Greetings from Santa Clara, CA, home of Super Bowl 50.  My hotel is across the street from Levi’s Stadium; to be honest, it’s got nothing on UofP.  Back to Football!!!!  Our early leader out of the gate? Outta Nowhere, monopolizing on Stevie Johnson? and holy garbage time points from Tony Romo.  Hey, whatever, it’s a Bullet Train, and who are we to judge as we are all second guessing our draft picks after Week 1, let the overreaction gripping begin.  Outta Nowhere leads the charge for winners this week who didn’t make the playoffs last season.  Other notes:

  • New Blood #1:  Former Champ Rat Bastards started off with the ultimate garbage points, getting the Big Ben/Antonio Brown TD with 2 secs to go on Thurs night, and continued to pile up the garbage, easily defeating the Dust Devils.  And you guys gave up on Matt Forte…shame shame.
  • New Blood #2:  To quote the owner from Gid’s Kids on how his draft went, “I got Russell Wilson, OBJ, and two running backs I’ve never heard of”.  Well, start selling high on Carlos Hyde, as he comes through for another MNF comeback for the Kids, putting up 31.5 pts to take the Week 1 victory.  And you guys gave up on Jason Witten…shame shame.
  • New Blood #3:  Another former champ rights last seasons wrongs for the time being with a week 1 victory.  The Monsoon use a balanced attack to claim an important victory over The Best There Never Was.  And you guys gave up on Matt Ryan…shame shame.
  • Crappie Alert: An unusual start for the high scoring BULLDOGS as they get a missed FG on MNF and score the season’s first Crappie.  Darren McFadden anyone?

Key Matchups: Week 2
Gid’s Kids v. H. Y. C.: Who starts 2-0?
Hilty Three Times v. Dust Devils: Who starts 0-2?

As always, the spreadsheet with finances and stats will be updated, and can be located at LFFL stats.


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