LFFL – Week 2 Recap: H.Y.C. follows up weak opening game with record setting 16th Bullet Train


While Week 1 was bad for Vegas, Week 2 was bad for the public, both in the book and in the fantasy world.  Some big names go down to injury (Lacy, Brees, Romo to name a few), and some other big names continue to underwhelm (Murray, Luck).  Bouncing back from a dismal week 1 is H.Y.C., who score 55.5 more points this week en route to a-not-so easy victory over Gid’s Kids, capturing a league record 16th Bullet Train.  Key Observation: DeAngelo Williams piles up 29.2 pts and is the #1 ranked RB.  It was fun while it lasted.  Other notes:

  • Scoring Show:  Moving to 2-0 is the Monsoon, piling up 123.1 pts on punchless KFC.  Key Observation: Broncos D hits for 19 pts, early MVP?  Eh…I take that back.
  • Uh-Oh:  Stumbling out of the 2015 gate is the 2-time defending champ, falling easily to the Dust Devils.  Key Observation:  Matt Jones is unbelievable with 26.1 pts this week…on H3Times bench.
  • Bring on the Snow: A well balanced attack evens up The Best There Never Was at 1-1 with a 30 pt cruise over Outta Nowhere.  Key Observation:  Tony Romo out for 8 weeks, Tannehill to the rescue for Outta Nowhere?
  • Low Blow: An unbelievable finish to the game between MaDBB and BULLDOGS.  Surely MaDBB felt good with A. Luck and two others going on MNF; I was keenly tuned in as the Colts got the ball late in the 4th and another A. Luck INT would have pushed them to a loss!  Not to be, I guess we call it a ‘win’, and the BULLDOGS claim 2nd straight Crappie.  Key Observation:  The 61.5 pts posted by the BULLDOGS is a new franchise low.

Key Matchups: Week 3
The Monsoon v. Outta Nowhere: Will Le’Veon Bell be a monster?
TBTNW v. KFC: Will Mariota get the call?

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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