LFB Playoffs – Rd. 3: Weeks Of Justice are over…your 2015 champion is…?


The LFB season is over!  Below are the final standings.  The final match had it’s moments and was close from time to time, but in the end, W.M. Dee had too many offensive weapons (and closers!).  Congrats to the defending champ to making it to the finals again, and to rest of the league for another entertaining season.

Final standings w/payouts:

  1. W. M. Dee, $150
  2. Re-Encarnacion, $100
  3. Donnie Barqs, $50
  4. de Diamond Sharp
  5. Syndergaarden Cop
  6. Bros before Hosmer
  7. Team CCI
  8. To the Max Fo Scherzer
  9. Rusty Trumbo
  10. Flash Gordon
  11. I Trust Autodraft
  12. HOLY COW

As usual, we’ll square up the finances in near future.  Another great season, see you again next year!


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