LFFL – Week 4 Recap: Back in business for THE BULLDOGS?


Back to reality with a low scoring week; guess we were teased by those high numbers the first few weeks.  Less than half the league cracks 100 pts.  One team that didn’t have any issues this week was THE BULLDOGS, who do a 180, collecting this week’s Bullet Train with the 123.1-94.5 thumping of The Best There Never Was.  Guess that trade for Chris Ivory paid off.

A quick reminder regarding our league fees this year; just keep mindful of your transactions.  The amount per transaction hasn’t changed at all, but without that extra $25 paid up front there may be some sticker shock at the end of the year.  For comparison, last year’s winner got ~ $521.  Already for this year the winner’s share is up to $579 and we are only in week 4.  Other notes:

  • Back 2 Good:  Another MNF miracle; Megatron fumbles on the goal line, which would have won the game for H.Y.C.; the Monsoon take the victory.  Key Observation: DWoodhead continues to be the RB to own in SD.
  • Back in Black:  Nailbiter! Well at least for Mad Bastards Bastards, who hold on during MNF to claim the 1.1 pt victory over Dust Devils .  Key Observation:  DFreeman for MVP?
  • Back to the Future: Joe Flacco did nothing, but the Forte/Ingram combo was enough for the Rat Bastards to cruise to the 17.2 pts win over Gid’s Kids.  Key Observation:  Gary Barnidge on the Kids bench?  Yeah, I had to look twice as well.
  • Crappie Report: Time to hit the reset button for H3Times, who collect this weeks Crappie with a poor showing of 69.2 pts, losing to Outta Nowhere.  Key Observation:  I guess Julio Jones is not as sick as I thought.

Key Matchups: Week 5
TBTNW v. H.Y.C.: Brother in law battle!
H3Times v. BULLDOGS: Last 4 belt holders fight!

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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