LFFL – Week 6 Recap: It’s a MaD Bastards Bastards world [at least this week]


The annual Battle of Bastards was this week; I feel like there should be a trophy for this game, similar to the small little trophies they give out in college rivalry games, like the Iron Bowl, or the Paul Bunyan trophy, or little Brown Jug.  Perhaps a liter of Arrogant Bastard ale to the winner?  Or maybe an autographed picture of Jon Snow?  Anyhoo, this year it goes to MaD Bastards Bastards, who annihilate the Rat by 60.3 pts, en route to the Bullet Train.  Some rivalry.  Other notes:

  • Empire Strikes Back:  KFC gets a good game out of apparently evil Jimmy Graham, and strike down H.Y.C.  Key Observation: James Starks = Han Solo, Bishop Sankey and the Titans D = Jar Jar Binks.
  • Return of the Jedi:  Alshon Jeffrey returns to lead the Monsoon in points, blowing up the Death Star that is Hilty Three Times.  Key Observation:  Jedi warrior Matt Stafford with 37.7 pts!!…on the bench.
  • Attack of the Clones: OBJ/Fitz/Barnidge/Benjamin get 62.5 pts, and bullseye Outta Nowhere like womp rats with their T-16.  Key Observation:  Last night Eli Manning looked like weak-ass Nute Gunray and the Neimoidians [if you get that reference you are an utter nerd]
  • Crappie Report: Antonio Brown with 3.9 pts ain’t gonna cut it, and the Rat Bastards take this week’s Crappie.  Key Observation:  Maybe Big Ben will return this week to lead a small group of rebels to Endor to…ugh, enough Star Wars references.

Key Matchups: Week 7
Gid’s Kids v. The Monsoon: #3 vs #2

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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