LFFL – Week 8 Recap: Playoff doors wide open as 6 teams stand at 4-4


Sunday, Bloody Sunday.  A very dark day in the fantasy world as several top players went down for the season, some for an extended period of time.  The waiver wire should be on fire this week.  Great week for the Red Division; all 4 teams won!  Bad week for the White Division; all 4 teams lost.  Once again, MNF wreaks havoc on some white-knuckled owners as CAR beats IND in OT.  In one matchup all ALuck had to do was complete a few more passes, but his INT in OT sealed the deal for CAR D and C’MON MAN.  41.5 pts from EManning helped as well.  Other notes:

  • High Roller:  PRivers welcomed in child #8 this week; TBTNW welcomed in win #4 with the slim victory over the Kids.  Key Observation: Will the real AP please stand up?  Where are you, old man? You haven’t scored in 3 games.
  • Rikki Tiki:  Hard to swallow having DBrees on the bench with 49.1 pts, but huzzah! Victory for KFC, one of 6 teams that sit at 4-4.  Key Observation:  ASmith, really?  Well, it was against the Lions.
  • Purple Reign: New acquisition AJGreen pays off immediately, the RAT hangs on for the win over H.Y.C.  Key Observation:  ARodgers with 6.6 pts?  Truly a dark Sunday indeed.
  • Crappie Report: Dust Devils go with RTannehill over PManning; would not have mattered when only 2 other players get to double digit pts; DD collects this week’s Crappie.  Key Observation:  The Monsoon have only $6 in transaction fees, and $2 of that is for a loss.  They are 7-1.  Mind. Blown.

Key Matchups: Week 9
Dust Devils v. H.Y.C.: Battle of the 4-4’s

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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