LFFL – Week 9 Recap: Waiver wire pickups were huge this week; trade deadline looms


This was the rare week when there actually WAS something of value out on the waiver wire.  It may turn out to be very important for some teams as the trade deadline is this week, and injuries are mounting like bodies on the Walking Dead.  Apparently one team not needing anything from waivers is The Monsoon, putting up 149 pts (Delanie Walker, seriously?), and claiming this week’s Bullet Train.  The Monsoon did pickup some players, though, and are now up to wallet crushing $10 in transaction fees; ouch.  Side note: we’ve had 8 different Bullet Train winners in 9 weeks; impressive!  Other notes:

  • Wire Act #1:  Stepping nicely this week for MForte, JLangford puts up 23.7 pts, helping the BULLDOGS to the win over C’MON MAN.  Key Observation: AAndrews did not fare as well as a WW pickup, only outputting 11.6 pts.
  • Wire Act #2:  Stepping nicely this week for LBell, DeAWilliams gores the OAK D, tuning up band for 37.5 pts, helping H3Times cruise to victory.  Key Observation:  MMariota, also picked up of the WW, goes off for 37 pts. 74.5 pts from 2 waiver pickups in the same week??  Has to be a record.
  • Wire Act #3: Stepping in nicely for benched PManning is JCutler, who puts up 20.8 pts, but is not enough MNF Magic to overcome H.Y.C., who get the win.  Key Observation:  Bad week to bench Packers for H.Y.C. (ARodgers – 36.2, Starks – 21.2), but it does not come back to bite them in arse.
  • Crappie Report: Injuries and bye weeks killing the Kid’s this week, as they collect the Crappie with 71.4 pts.  Key Observation:  One bright spot?  OBJ seems to be getting back on track.

Key Matchups: Week 10
Klaver Football Club v. Gid’s Kids: Playoff bubble matchup #1
The Best There Never Was v. Dust Devils: Playoff bubble matchup #2

The spreadsheet can be located at LFFL stats.


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